Table For One Please…

I’m no expert by any means when it comes to relationships, but over the years, I found myself mentoring and interacting with friends and colleagues alike, engaging in heated debates, at times, on relationships and why they either don’t work or why we entertain relationships for the sake of simply being in one.

Real talk, This isn’t about picking apart what’s seemingly comfortable for most folks, but it’s an honest look at why on some level we dislike ourselves or at the very least don’t give ourselves enough credit to love and be loved, healthy. Let’s start by discussing what’s healthy and why we don’t think or invest in our emotional health the way we spend millions on what we desire to look like. By the way the millions we do spend on trying to cover up who we really are is astounding, to say the least, but I’ve asked the questions on numerous occasions to those I’ve counseled, to describe who they are and to describe their ideal partner and what you might find surprising is when put on paper, the description of what we want in a partner is significantly longer and more detailed than the list to describe who they are.

You could say it’s social media and you’d be right, but we’re going to tackle that later. For now, I wanna focus on something we tend to shy away from. Getting to know who we are as individuals and why we do what we do and as a result, do we like ourselves or hate ourselves to the point we escape through social media and create damaging personalities just to fit in with whomever we find a connection with.
Deep right, you have no idea.

Written By: Andrea Austin

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