Mothers, Daughters, Disrespect and Finding the Road Home to Heal

It’s no secret that since the dawn of time, the relationship between mothers and daughters can shift when young girls graduate into adolescent women.

This transition, for some, can bring mothers and daughters closer and bring them great joy. For others, it can be an absolute nightmare and cause a real rift in their relationship.

When mothers and daughters start out, most assume those early years are the best years ever and as your little girl gets older and starts to build new friendships, sometimes that mother-daughter bond shifts.

Girlfriends, boyfriends, extracurricular activities, and that dreaded cell phone soon begin to replace mothers, and suddenly the conversations are merely interactions to make sure you’re alive.

Mothers have tough jobs trying to keep their daughters safe from the ills of this world, but we also have to know when to step back and allow our daughters room to grow, learn, and understand by experience. These experiences can strain the ideals of mothers and daughters and bring disrespect and disappointments. Those are hard to come back from and for some, it’s so broken the pieces are impossible to glue back together.

It’s even harder when you invite drugs, abuse, and another life unexpectedly into the mix of a relationship that started out so strong but seems so far from reach. The road to healing isn’t always a pretty one when it comes to the stresses of mothering a daughter into adulthood, but it’s possible every day.

When the love of respect, responsibility, and accountability are in the forefront of everything you hold dear, mother-daughter relationships are key to maintaining what started that initial spark that made mother-daughter relationships what they are today, a blessing!

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