Never Settled for No

LV Magazine October Spotlight Interview With Nicole Taylor
By: Ivory Moses

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“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated” This Quote from the Late Great Dr. Maya Angelou has always been a motivational reference guide for me when I could not find my way through the fog. In this world, every individual is blessed with their own unique gifts and talents, and if utilized correctly one could live out a happy and successful life. The question is “Are you prepared to endure the obstacles and challenges of this world? Or you will drown in an ocean of failure and defeat?

I had the pleasure of speaking with the amazingly ambitious entrepreneur and hairstylist, Betty-Nicole Taylor. She shared stories of her personal struggles and accomplishments. We shared reminiscent moments of laughter, tragic events and her testimony of how she managed to pull through it all. It was an absolute joy to interview Ms. Taylor, and I hope that her story will be as impressionable to LV Magazine readers as it was to me.

Ivory Moses: Good evening. Can I call you Betty?

Nicole Taylor: Well, My name is Betty-Nicole Taylor, but I’ve never liked “Betty” too much. Everyone calls me Nicole.

Ivory Moses: Ok Cool. So Nicole, what city were you born in?

Nicole Taylor: I was born in Newark, New Jersey.

Ivory Moses: What were some of the things that you enjoyed doing as a child?

Nicole Taylor: Because we lived next door to a park, I used to watch my dad play basketball while sitting on the porch and playing with my dolls. The park was close to our home.

Ivory Moses: Describe your childhood? What were your parents like?

Nicole Taylor : (laughter) Oh my! My mom was the strict one and my dad, not so strict. My mom worked hard. She would make and sell baked goods like cakes and cookies. My dad owned his own window washing company. They both loved fashion! My dad was a classic man. Yes, both my parents were very much into fashion. When they would dress to go out, they would look good together. They complimented each other very well.

Ivory Moses: I love how you referred to your father as a “Classic Man.” Would you say he played a huge role in your decision to become a business owner?

Nicole Taylor: Oh my gosh, most definitely! So did my mom and grandmother. Entrepreneurship always ran in my family.

Ivory Moses: That’s awesome. Well everyone starts from somewhere. What were some of your first jobs?

Nicole Taylor: Well I always did hair from home before I became a professional stylist. I did work as a CNA/Home Health Care and also as a preschool teacher. I just always enjoyed being around the elderly and working with kids. I love children.

Ivory Moses: You sound like a nurturing person.

Nicole Taylor: Yes I am.

Ivory Moses: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? When your not styling hair or touching the lives of all the young ladies who take courses at “ Beautiful Braids Boutique.”

Nicole Taylor: Girl, I like to eat . Eat and play music. Blue crab is my favorite food! Anyone can tell you I love me some Blue Crab.

Ivory Moses: Earlier we spoke about how fashionable your parents were. I am sure that being exposed to that you also have an appreciation for fashion as well. Tell me about some of the crazy fads you went through growing up.

Nicole Taylor: (Laughter) Girl! Definitely the TLC craze. My friends and I would cover ourselves in Band-Aids. Every day we would change the colors. We also went through the fan ponytails (laughs) the hair had to be spread apart. We would wear Charms lollipops stuck in our ponytails. That was so crazy! We would Spritz our hair down, and nobody better not try and take my lollipop! It would be a problem. (laughs)

Ivory Moses: Hilarious. I have a confession; I too went through the lollipop phase. That’s really funny. Nicole, let’s get a little deeper. Can you tell me about a memorable moment in your life? A life-changing event that you will never forget.

Nicole Taylor: It would definitely be when my cousin called me and told me that my grandmother had passed. My grandmother was one of my favorite people in this world.

Ivory Moses: That’s heartbreaking and must have been very painful for you. What do you think your grandmother would say to you now if she could have witnessed all of your accomplishments?

Nicole Taylor: She would have been extremely happy for me. She’d loved for me to braid her hair. She would pay me three dollars and tell me “Don’t forget to part my bang”. (sighs) Yes, she was my baby.

Ivory Moses: You have shared some very intimate details about your family now let’s talk a little bit about society.

Nicole Taylor: Ok. yes

Ivory Moses: What are some of the changes in our society that you’ve seen in your lifetime?

Nicole Taylor: Wow (paused) It would have to be the lack of respect. There’s no togetherness, no unity, and barely a community. It just drives me crazy. It just saddens me that no one feels responsible for the youth or each other. Honestly, knew something was wrong in society when I would see videos being posted on social media of people being harmed and no one would step in to stop it.

Ivory Moses: Is there anything that you are extremely proud of and why?

Nicole Taylor: Oh wow, Can it be more than one thing?

Ivory Moses: Of Course!

Nicole Taylor: I am proud of my son graduating from high school. Secondly, I am proud of all my accomplishments that I achieved here in Georgia. I probably would not have achieved them had I stayed in New Jersey. Receiving my GED, becoming a college graduate, and just being able to share my gifts with the young girls I teach. Georgia had fewer distractions than New Jersey. I didn’t know anyone, therefore I had more time to concentrate on my life and focus on my goals.

Ivory Moses: Are you still working towards any goals?

Nicole Taylor: Most definitely. I want to open a Braiding School. Many young girls are interested in the art of braiding. I want to open a school so that those who have a passion for the art of braiding can come learn how to braid and get their hair styled at economically feasible rates.

Ivory Moses: That sounds amazing I wish you the best of luck with that goal. Nicole, you strike me as a woman who wants to help change lives for the better. When people look back at you and remember your legacy, what would you like for them to remember and say?

Nicole Taylor: I was a teen mom and I dropped out of high school. I, however, still obtained my GED, graduated college, worked as a hairstylist, and eventually opened my own shop. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. I want everyone to remember me as the little black girl from the porch who never gave up and never settled for no. If I could do it, then anyone can do it.

Nicole Taylor is an inspiration for young women everywhere. She refuses ever to accept defeat and continues to reach for the stars. Presently the Owner of “ Beautiful Braid’s Boutique” She is an innovative stylist and mentor to young people everywhere interested in learning the art of braiding. Nicole continues to flourish and inspire others to pursue their passions. On behalf of LV MAGAZINE, we appreciate you Nicole Taylor for allowing us to share your story of success with our wonderful readers.

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