Writers Wanted

LV Magazine is expanding its team and has several writing positions open within the organization. Not only will your work be displayed on LV Magazine’s blog, magazine, and social media outlets, but you’ll also join a growing brand and add to your own personal portfolio in the process.

We are seeking writers who can demonstrate the following:

• Exceptional writing skills and a good eye for a story
• A multifaceted approach to article writing, as well as being able to create a catchy headline from which to work from
• A consistent and engaging writing style
• An ability to cover a wide variety of topics within your chosen field
• Interest/skills in SEO and social media marketing.
• A willingness to help promote your work through Social channels.

Positions currently available:

TV/Movie Writer
We want somebody who can talk passionately about their favorite TV shows and let our readers know about the series and all the latest on and off screen developments.

Subjects we’re looking for:
Game of Thrones, Narcos, Stranger Things, Insecure, The Walking Dead, She’s Got To Have It, etc.

This list is just to give you an idea of the kind of programs we’d like you to cover however feel free to write about any show, or multiple shows, that take your interest!

We are also looking for reviews on the latest movies and articles that take a look back at some of the greatest movies in history. If that also appeals to you, then please do not hesitate to apply!

Health/Fitness writer
Do you have healthy meal prep tips? Can you teach you our readers how to properly do a push up? Well this may be the opportunity for you to express yourself!

Subjects we’re looking for:
Meal plans, healthy food alternatives, yoga and meditation tips

Also if you’re interested in producing fitness videos, please let us know.

Fashion Writer
We are looking to someone to cover the latest fashion trends and trendsetters.

Subjects we’re looking for:
Fashion show and red carpet recap, where to get celebrity looks, clothing sales, etc.
This is just a brief list of ideas you can discuss. You are free to cover other fashion related topics.

Tech Writer
We’re looking for an individual who is passionate about Technology and who has a good understanding about what customers want from their latest tech! We want an honest and down to earth perspective on the latest products, and someone who can bring tremendous knowledge and value to our readers!

Subjects we’re looking for:
We are looking for technical product reviews on things such as – Laptops, Tv’s, Drones, Games Consoles, Cameras, Tablets, smart tech, software, Video Game controllers/accessories, VR headsets and more.

We are also looking for reviews that pit two products against each other. For example:
“Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung galaxy Note 8” or “Xbox one Vs PS4”.

We want YOUR unique voice and opinion on which product you feel is the best! Authenticity is king!

Sports writer
If you love sports, we want you to share that love with our readers.
Subjects we’re looking for:
All sports related content for high school, college, and pro sports.

Interest in fantasy football is also a plus.

Politics/Current Events writer
We are in need of writers to cover local, national, and international news. Writers must maintain a nonpartisan journalism approach to the articles.

Subjects we’re looking for:
Political news, national tragedies, extreme weather events etc.

How to Apply:
To apply please send the following to info.lvmagazine@gmail.com:
1. Your name
2. Position(s) for which you would like to write
3. Title of three (3) articles you would submit as writer for LV Magazine

Please note: You don’t have to submit the full article and you can always change your titles later. Our goal is to evaluate your article ideas and headline skills.
Also, any links/files to your previous work would also be greatly appreciated.